It’s the driver side rear seat that has to come out to access the fuel pump wiring, not the passenger side as I said in the video.

Transcript: Toyota P0400, P0441 and P0446 Evap Leak

Hi, everyone, we’re here at John Sadler dog Repair. Today we have a 2001 Toyota four runner with a 3.4 liter cutter most complaints, they smell fuel intermittently. And they have close to 444 41 and 446. And I’ll show you what I found out that he has an EVAP leak. So in previous videos I’ve showed you we hooked up our smoke machine, our leak camera there.

And what I found out is a check valve on top of the fuel tank. And you can see I have it partially removed already, they tell you in all day to take the fuel tank out in the factory manual. And then there’s a hole at the very top up there. If you take the passenger rear seat out, there’s a cover plate and you can get to the wiring harness. Because if you don’t hook the wiring harness, you’re gonna pull those wires right out of the top of the fuel pump.

So I did that. I unhooked three vacuum hoses up here, I left my fuel tank filler neck hose still hooked up. And on the front of the fuel tank, there’s a little bracket right here, I just took the bolt off of that. So the lines didn’t have a lot of tension on them going up to the front. And I dropped the tank down five or six inches.

So I could get this check valve I took a pry bar on each side of the check valve. And I was able to remove that valve. And here’s what it looks like. And I’ll show you what goes wrong with the check valve has a has a the size starts to come off of it. And right here it has a little gap. You can see that little gaps not supposed to be there.

And you can see it’s all sealed all the way around there. So to speak of the 2001 it’s got 180,000 miles on it. And that Valve has just gone bad over time and had a little bit of smell a fuel coming out of it. And the reason we found it was having this smoke machine so we can see what was wrong. So thank you very much everyone. Have a great day.