John Sadler operates with the systematic disciplines required to give your vehicle a complete and accurate evaluation and service. John offers you the experience and the expertise that more than 35 years in the trade has developed.


  • ASE Certified:
    • L-1 Advanced Specialist
    • Engine Performance
    • Brakes
    • Electrical / Electronic Systems
    • Engine Repair
  • NATEF Evaluator Certified.
  • Prepared with ALLDATA software.
  • Member of International Automotive Technicians Network.
  • Continues education through on going training.
  • Invested in the proper tolls and equipment.
  • On the Automovtive Advisory Board at Cuyamaca College.
John Sadler's Auto Repair

Automotive History

John’s Career began by attending automotive classes at San Diego City College in 1973 while pumping gas and cleaning restrooms part time at a local Shell services station.

Within a short period John was performing light general repairs: replacing water pumps; changing tires; and performing lube, oil and filter services.

Two years later John was hired by Dorman’s Tire, where he learned brake, suspension and alignment reapairs.

After 10 years john moved on to specializing in BMW and Japanese imports.

Since 1991 John has attended all the training classes he could. He has the ASE certificates listed on the left, and certification in numerous computer controlled diagnostics, emission control and drivability testing.

If your vehicle is not performing the way it usually does, or you have been to several other repair shops and you know it is still not right, then I can help. The check engine light does not have to be on for your vehicle to run poorly.

I credit my success on four major factors:

  1. I spend time with the customer – I have the customer write down his or her concerns on paper. Then I verify the concern, test-drive and visually inspect the problem, or whatever else is necessary.
  2. I analyze what I have found, determine what caused it to happen. Once it is solved I go one step further and check fluid levels and the condition of belts and hoses.
  3. When I correct the problem, I use mostly factory parts on 1992 or newer vehicles.
  4. Before I return the car to the customer, I test the vehicle under the same conditions that I did to find the problem to make sure the concern is eliminated.
John Sadler's Auto Repair

John Sadler offers standard maintenance and repair services, including but not limited to:

Brakes, Suspension, Oil & Lube, Fuel Injection System, 30 60 90… Thousand mile services.

John Sadler uses BG Products for:

Power Steering Fluid flushing, Air Intake System cleaning, Fuel system cleaning.