Transcript: 2010 Honda Civic Motor Mount

Hi, everyone, we’re here at john cellars auto repair it today we have a 2010 Honda Civic. And the customer said he had the lifting feeling he went for an oil change his local Honda dealer, they say he needed a motor mount. And it was quite expensive. So I’ll show you what I found out.

The vehicle does have like a lifting feeling when you accelerate, it’s an extra vibrations that normally is not there. And I’ll show you why I removed the mount. If it’s down in this area here in the front, there’s several brackets you take off to get to it. And then here’s the old mount. And then here’s the new mount.

I started using this company called power torque. And they make some good quality products. And it’s quite a bit of a savings from buying the factory part and the 2010. So now, the main thing that I want to show you the heights difference when you take the new mount and the old mount, and you put the ruler across there, Boy, that’s quite a difference in height.

So it sags down inside. And so you can’t just tell, oh, the rubber still looks good. Everybody says it’s fine. Well, it’s not because it’s dropped down in height, it’s it’s sag down over the years of just the wear and tear and the weight of the engine hanging on it. So there’s a big difference right there.

It’s dropped down, you know, at least a half an inch, probably I haven’t measured it exactly. But there’s the I could put three washers there. That’s the heights difference than it is.

So when you think something’s good, and the rubber looks okay. How I check these I have someone sit inside the vehicle and put the parking brake on to put the foot on the brake pedal, and then put the vehicle and drive and hold the brake pedal and hit the gas, quarter of the way half throttle were on and off, on and off. And you can watch the motor up and down, up and down, up and down.

So when it does that, it puts the axles in different places it moves everything around. That’s where you get some of the vibrations. When you set a stop sign you get some of the extra rattles and humming sounds like the hoods rattling, things like that, because the motors not being stabilized because the mounts sag down. Thank you very much, everybody.